Created by Natalia Oledzka

Experimental Typography
with Alessio D'Ellena
at Washington University in St. Louis

Spring 2019


Times New Roman
Courier New
Comic Sans

When you picture a typeface, what do you see?

A set of solid metal type in a tray? The distinct personality and voice of Helvetica or Comic Sans? Or do you see files, the data sets that create a font's forms.

When I was asked to answer, I decided the most logical and factual answer to this question is data—the numbers that make up a typeface's existence on our computers. And that is what this project shows, the image of type today, featuring typefaces we are all familar with. This website, using the lowercase a, shows the coordinates of its anchor points, number of counterspaces, number of straight lines and curves, and more, as the existence of typefaces has become confined to the storage of our computers.